Standard Services

We specialize in service sweeps, but of course we also handle the good old-fashioned "We're down and we can't get up" call as well. Our rate is $85 per hour (x1.5 evenings; x2 weekends or holidays) plus expenses.

What is a Service Sweep?

A Sweep is when we are able to schedule more than one location in a given area. By doing so, we are able to divide the related travel charges between all involved, instead of charging a "zone charge".

Sign up today and we will put your name in our database. When we go to your area, we give you a call and everyone splits the travel charges. The more shops sign up for a Service Sweep, the lower your travel costs will be, so tell a few other shops in your area and save!

New Machine Installs - Just request a SewTech install from the company you buy from.

Other Services

  • Depot Level Maintenance (Machine rebuild's)
  • Pre-sale inspections for third party sales
  • Post-sale inspection/training
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Emergency Repairs
  • New-machine consumer reports-FREE
  • Production / Operator Training and Consulting

  • New Employee Training
  • P/M training
  • Complete shop consulting