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Preventive maintenance, embroidery, how to schedule
contributed by Wayne Benton - SewTech International

I am often asked how to schedule the necessary maintenance on machines in order to make it easier to understand, or at least easier to follow. The best way is to make a calendar with all pertinent information scheduled as per your instruction manual recommends.

When scheduling preventive maintenance be sure to remember that it’s not all oil and grease, quite a bit of cleaning is needed as well. This is often overlooked and can turn out to be the culprit when problems do appear.

What works well is to designate the last 30 minutes of a shift as clean up time. This gives the operator plenty of time to blow out the machine and do the oiling as needed. If you take the time to clean at day’s end, your mornings will be surprisingly free of thread breaks. When the accumulated dust-lint-oil is allowed to dry overnight, it causes sewing problems for the first part of the day until it softens enough to allow the machine to work it loose from the hook race.

I strongly recommend an air hose close to every machine, if an operator must first pull an air compressor over to the machine, then put it away, well, let’s just say they tend to cut corners and the job does not often get accomplished. Providing the proper tools as well as training will help alleviate these discrepancies.

Sample Maintenance Schedule

Use a calendar to schedule, and post it in several places around the machine. Post it at the employee time clock, and review it with your employee’s frequently, never assume that they understand it, or are following it. Remember it is YOUR investment.

Sample Maintenance Calendar

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