Good morning everyone, just wanted to thank everyone that E-mailed me offering to convert the file, and their was quite a few. Also just had a visit from Sew Tech and my 4-head is running like a champ, what a great service they have there! John was the tech and did a beautiful job he showed me many things I didn't know as far as lube points and a few other things, I learned from watching he answered all my questions no matter how small or big they were, I know from here on out I will have him visit once a year for a tune up.

Thanks again, Jim Fenerty - Celtic Shirts

Per your suggestion, I did replace the color change board without changing the jump stitch solenoid. The machine no longer gave me a "Bad CC Encoder" error, but the needle still remained down when I programmed a head up.

But, I took the sewing head off completely, so I could see the solenoid work, and did a couple of head ups. I saw no problems. It seemed to be firing properly. I put the sewing head back on, and it looks like we are back in business. Head up is now at head up. The main arm must have been out of place.

Thanks for your help! Scott Peterson - Montana Marketing, Inc.

It was our great luck to have been visited by Mr. Merlin George of SewTech International yesterday. Mr. George is without a doubt the cleanest and most professional embroidery machine service person we have had the good fortune to meet. His knowlege our particular machines was superior to any technician we have previously used, including other independent technicians as well as vendor trained techs. When Mr. George left us, we were certain that our machine was in top operating condition and that we were much better equipped to deal with any minor problems that might arise. Thank you SewTech for sending us this gem.

Ron & Peggy Ekstrom, Lasting Impressions Embroidery Company

This is Penney Stevens - I know you've heard that name or at least Penney in the last few days. I have truly enjoyed reading your story and your family's story. I haven't even met you yet and the word integrity pops out withut a word being said. Being a new and "rookie" at Maryland Apparel Graphics John Soden has been a godsend for me and my new boss (who admittingly is not mechanical). John's a very nice person and very willing to try to help where he can - I believe that word integrity just might have trickled down in your company.

Thank you! Penney Stevens, Maryland Apparel Graphics

Bill Thomas from Sew Tech, Intl. was just here to give my 4-head a going over. I was afraid to run anything at over 650spm, but now am confident at 800spm. My machine virtually sings now! Bill was professional and courteous and more than willing to share his knowledge with me and my husband. If you haven't had Sew Tech in your shop yet, they are well worth the money.

Thanks, Bill! Remember to call when you are back in western Michigan. The fish are calling!

Ruth Casey, Pier Point Embroidery

We had Bill Thomas out to fix our machine recently and would like to let you know what a pleasure it has been. Bill was very informative, knowledgeable and an excellent technician. We really enjoyed having him. He really took the time to explain what he was doing along with many other tips of the trade. His expertise and experience has really shown us what a great operation you have. I will definately let other embroiderers in our area know about your service. Please let Bill know that if he is in our area again to please call us and let us know.

He is a really great guy!!!! It was definately worth the wait until he could get to our area.

Thanks Again! Connie Insco, Chic Shadows, Inc.

Just gotta tell everyone how GREAT Wayne was with me about this cap frame nightmare I have been dealing with. We spoke for about 20 minutes while I did my best to explain the problem as I saw it. Wayne suggested I check a simple fuse in the back of machine, as he went through this problem once before. After discussing some off topic subjects about pros and cons of other machines, I got off the phone with Wayne and dove into the back of the old Brother. Checked all fuses and lo and behold, a fuse that had been 'put' back together with a thin wire and the end just slid back on. Replaced the fuse with a good one and life is good again. Works like new.

Just had to give Wayne the praise he is due for his help. Thanks again and you WILL get my business when it is needed again.

Jim Wilmot, More Than Monograms

I'm writing to compliment your services provided to our company by a tech named Merlin. He presented himself in a very professional manner. He was easy to work with and willing to share knowledge freely. He's excellent at his job and the way he goes about it! Thank you for sending him. I hope if / when we need another visit, Merlin will be available.

Larry Weber, Alchemy Sewing, Inc.

I feel a strong need to blow Bill Thomas's horn for him. I know many of you have seen him with Wayne at the shows. He is the truly a great tech on all embroidery machines. These machines, even the aged Meistergram is once again humming. It is hard to describe how, wonderfully patient and competent he is.

We sometime think that our machines are working just ok until someone like Bill comes in and makes them sing.Can't believe how hard I was working to compensate for what my machines were not doing and I have really become complacent and not even noticed until today and they are sewing soooooooo much better it is hard for me to believe that they are my same machines. Call Bill Thomas or Sew Tech for great repair people, just my opinion.

Marsha Owens, Graphically 'N Kleined Int'l